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Get a better understanding of the status of your

Azure Web Application Firewall (WAF) policies and traffic

With our solution - Azure WAF Manager you will be having a deep understanding of the web traffic that gets through your WAF policies and be able to make adquate decisions.

Better Log Visibility

Are you tired of doing Kusto queries to find out what was blocked on your WAF policies? With our solution, we give you the blocked requests in a beautiful dashboard

Whitelisting suggestions

Tuning the WAF policies has never been easier. When pulling WAF logs, we use an enrichment engine that makes an analysis and if we think something is a false-positive, we will suggest what to whitelist

One-click whitelisting

You can make an exception (whitelisting) on the WAF policy with just a click from our dashboard!!!

Built-in IP reputation

You would know everything about the IP that is in your log. Malicious score, location, ASN, Type and much more.


We have a great WAF policy toolset. Some of the things we can do, are not available in the Azure Portal. For example, we have a WAF policy copy/migration tool which enables you to copy rules and rulesets from one policy to another!


Whether you use Azure Sentinel or not, you will find our Dashboards to be quite great in providing you info about your WAF policies and traffic.

If you are interested in learning about these in details, head over to our Documentation


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