How it Works

Supercharge your WAF policies

With Azure WAF Manager , you will finally gain the power of knowing what's going on with your WAF policies, battle false-positives and enjoy an easy tuning and visibility into your WAF infrastructure.

These are the steps to get you onboarded.


Log in with your Microsoft account

First, log in with your Microsoft account in our portal.


Register for a free subscription with us

After you log in, create a free subscription (organization) with us. This will allow you to register up to 5 WAF Policies initially.


Add us as a service provider in your tenant

We will need some access into your organization. We want a modern approach so we would only get access to the data we need through Azure Lighthouse.


Create a Service Principal

If we/you are to make any actions such as editing your WAF policies, we will need a service principal to do it.


Register the Service Principal

Register the newly created service principal into our portal, so we can start using it.



Give this new service principal Contributor to the WAF policies you add.

And now you can enjoy better WAF traffic visibility, reduce your workload on WAF chores and do better judgement on how to control your WAF policies


If you are interested in learning about how this works, head over to our Documentation section