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Organization is the main logical body that we will use to gather all your information and resources into one place. Think of it as a subscription. It is the first thing that you do after loging in to the portal. All organizations start as Free tier and that's the intended way to consume our services.


We enforce the following limits per organization:

WAF Policies5

We are fine if you want to increase those limits. Just let us know via the contact email.


The user who registers the organization will become its Owner. Our authorization hierarchy is very similar to Azure's. We have the following roles:

OwnerCan do anything. There can only be 1 Owner
ContributorInvite members but cannot change roles. Add/edit/remove WAF policies to the organization. Make whitelists to WAF policies. Can add/remove reporting.
ReaderCan not make any changes, just view

Changing Owner

If you want to change the Owner role to someone else, they first need to be members of the organization and then the Owner should make them Owner from the Organization home page.


Certain actions are recorded in the Organization log, we call it the Action Log. The log can be viewed but cannot be edited/deleted even by the Owner of the organization.

Our service works with LIVE data and none of your WAF logs stay on our systems. However, we offer reporting features that if used, require some WAF log data to stay on our systems. We are serious about transparency so we will ask you and record your consent to store any data with us. Therefore, unless consented to Historical Data Consent, you cannot use the reporting feature.

Deleting Organization

If you want to delete an organization, this action will do the following:

  • Delete all members of the organization (their user accounts will stay but will be diassociated from the organization)
  • Delete all WAF Policies (from our portal)
  • Delete all Reports
  • Delete all Action logs
  • Delete the Service Principal Details associated with the organziation
  • Custom Logs config
  • Your own user account with us will not be deleted but will not be associated to any organization until you create a new one or gets invited to one

All of your logs inside of your Log Analytics or anything in your own tenant remain untouched